These tools will change your life. They changed mine.

I feel so strongly about these concepts that I feel called to share them with anyone with ears:

  • Your group.
  • Your team.
  • Your company.
  • Your leaders.
  • Your right-hand people.

They need to understand these ideas and then go use them to make great things happen.

Your audience will walk away with actionable tools, encouragement, and of course humor when I share key concepts related to the intersection of career, wellness, and mindset in an easy, digestible, powerful presentation.

This is not a stiff talk from behind the podium. There will be stories. There will be real-life examples. There will be eye contact, nodding, hand-raising, and interaction.


My goal is to help you look really good and bring my best to your audience, so they walk away not only inspired, but empowered to create change for themselves – personally and professionally.

I am a skilled, passionate, and engaging speaker. I have had the privilege of sharing my message and these essential mind management tools with physicians, nurses, teachers, and other professional organizations. Your group can be next.

"I am already using the tools that she talked about. Just yesterday, I was faced with a problem, and I said to myself, 'I am strong, I can handle this.'"

"Appreciate the vulnerability that she shared with us. It made the concepts she was sharing so genuine and real."

"It’s real, it’s relatable, and it’s something different than what we’re all used to hearing."

"This was an amazing presentation. We need so much more of this."

"Your story was so inspiring - you are such a great speaker!"

"Your passion and knowledge are a powerful combination."

If you're looking for a dynamic speaker to engage and motivate your audience, send me a message at and let’s chat.

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