For strong female doctors who want to get stronger:

Lift weights. Build muscle.

If you’re ready to take your strength to the next level, push yourself, and have fun with your female physician colleagues cheering you on, join us.

This is a 6-week progressive overload strength training program.

This weight training program will include:

  • 3- and 4-day per week lifting options
  • Video demonstrations of the exercises
  • Suggested set and rep counts, flexible to fit your schedule
  • Instructions to get started
  • A weekly email with tips, suggestions, and encouragement

What you need in order to succeed in this program:

  • Set of light and heavy dumbbells (OR a set of adjustable dumbbells with wide range of weight)
  • Weight lifting bench that inclines
  • Bootie bands

Ready to see what a group of strong, smart women can do? Sign up below.*

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