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What would it feel like to be confident: in your body and your mind?

It is possible.

If you shook your head, hang on a second. I was there, rolling my eyes, too. In my late thirties, I took a hard look at where I was at: wife, mom, family physician, burned out train wreck. With the body to prove it. Work was sucking me dry and my relationships were suffering.

Despite feeling miserable, I didn’t change a thing, all the while hoping that my life would get better if I kept grinding. That didn’t go so well, and anxiety took over. I fantasized about going off the grid and selling pineapples on the island of Maui. I gained weight. And as much as I wanted to be unstuck, I gave myself all kinds of excuses for why I couldn’t take action.

Until I got tired of my own BS, changed the self-talk, and hit the weights.

There was no aha moment. I simply started observing myself and what I found wasn’t pretty. Negative thoughts and sabotaging self-talk were my go-to moves and it was exhausting. Ultimately, I realized that just as I had the power to make myself miserable, I also had the power to make myself happy, and I worked on it. I did the work to let go of the baggage from my past. I chose a less negative thought and told myself ‘You have everything you need to make it happen’ on repeat. And I believed it. I started to think in a way that made me feel empowered instead of stuck. And then, I got under a barbell.

The combination of getting into my mind plus squatting heavy iron helped me work through the loads of junk I was carrying in my brain. And I didn’t stop there. I started eating differently. I got my personal training and coaching certifications. I cut back at my clinic job and started coaching women around nutrition, exercise and mindset. The anxiety lessened. I lost weight and gained strength. With time, patience, and a lot of practice, I got the body, mind and life I wanted. And it all started by changing my thoughts.

You can do this, too.

If you feel like you are constantly sacrificing any one of your fitness, career, relationships, or mind, I get you. If you are a high-achieving smart woman who is burned out, overworked and busy, and you’ve had trouble losing weight, exercising, or maintaining a healthy body because your life is out of alignment, I hear you. My mission is to coach smart women to get strong - mentally and physically - through a combination of eating, moving, and thinking.

Ready to change the way you think and get strong? Sign up below and let’s get started. Your fit life is waiting for you.


A bit more about me...

I'm a dynamic coach passionate about working with women to create a fit life. I help busy professional women build and maintain wellness by coaching them to Eat, Move and Think in a way that promotes better health, resulting in strength - physical and mental. I combine my skills as a family physician, certified personal trainer and life coach to provide clients with a transformative wellness experience.

  • BA, Mount Holyoke College, Biology and French
  • MD, Loyola University Chicago
  • Family Medicine Residency, Chief Resident, West Suburban Medical Center
  • Board Certified, American Board of Family Medicine
  • Certified Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine
  • Certified Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Certified Life and Weight Coach, the Life Coach School
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