I help
smart women
get strong.

Inside and out.


Don’t buy another diet book. Instead, I will help you learn to eat in a way that fits your lifestyle and is sustainable. Together, you and I create your nutrition roadmap that is specific for your unique needs, so you no longer have to guess about food.


There is not a single person on Earth who wouldn’t benefit from moving more. With a personalized plan that meets you where you’re at, you will learn to incorporate movement into your life so you feel stronger, both mentally and physically.


Your brain is the most powerful tool you have for creating change in your life: let’s make it work better for you. During our coaching sessions, you will learn about and practice managing your mind – it’s a really cool process – so that you can produce the results you want, starting with your thoughts.

When you take care of yourself, everyone around you wins. Especially you.

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What My Clients Say about Me

Because of Carrie, I now have created lifelong healthy habits and relationships with food and exercise that are sustainable and enjoyable! Everyone is different and Carrie is here to meet you where you are in your journey to good health!

Dana M.

With all the conflicting information online, it’s nice to know I have a physician as my coach. Carrie’s medical degree and passion for fitness makes her a source of information I can trust. I really enjoy getting her evidence-based opinion.

Joe J.

While working with Carrie, I learned the WHY behind my desire to become healthier and fitter. She helped me accept that there is no easy fix, and took a holistic approach that included my diet, exercise, emotional/psychological health and poor coping skills. The 80/20 concept was life changing.

Linda R.

If you are looking to work hard, reset your thoughts, and treat the journey as a long-term lifestyle change, rather than just a diet, Carrie is your COACH!  She has all the tools to help you achieve your wellness goals.  Please know, this will be work and it will not be easy, but the rewards will be more than worth it.

Enza S.
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